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Accurate examination

The system helps carry out the examination accurately: Excess noise will be reduced automatically, as it may impact the result.


Easy to share data

After finishing the examination, the data can be easy to share with your doctor via e-mail or any social media application. It is not necessary to leave home for a consultation.


Automatic record

When Linktop digital stethoscope is put on the body parts, it will start to record automatically.

Addtional Features


How it Works



Turn on the power of the stethoscope, log in to the mobile application, and add the device according to the operation prompts.


After the equipment is added, directly put the stethoscope on the relevant body parts.


Record the examination via app and share the recording to the doctor.

Package Include

Frequently Asked Questions


1 Why do you need a digital stethoscope?
A stethoscope is an instrument used by doctors and other health professionals to listen to body sounds. It is mainly designed to listen to the lungs and heart.
2Does it support IOS/Android system?
Yes, it could support, after signed back of our NDA, we would offer the SDK download link to you.
3Does it support OEM requirements?
If the quantity reaches 5000 pieces, we could agree with the OEM requirement.
4How long the lead time would be and how long the products could be sent to us?
The LT for our product would be about 6~8 weeks if, for small quantity, we have stock. It usually takes 7~10 days to send Express.
5How does the device support the family mode?
After we offered you SDK, you could have integrated into your APP.
6What is the size of Linktop digital stethoscope?
- 45 x 45 x 26 mm (H x W x D) - 1.77 x 1.77 x 1.02 inches (H x W x D) - Weight: 78 g / 2.75 oz / 0.17 lb
7How does the device support the family mode?
After we offered you SDK, you could have integrated into your APP.


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