Breeze Transparent Face Mask with Micro Fans and UV Lights



3-speed Brushless Ultra-Silent Fan

The clear face mask features two brushless ultra- silent micro fans with 3 levels of speed to fit your needs of breathing, walking, and activity. One micro fan is designed to increase Oxygen intake. Another micro fan is used to remove Carbon Dioxide.


UV Light Disinfection

The built-in UV light will kill bacteria and viruses to keep the mask being sanitized when charging.


Effective Face Seal

The medical-grade silicone makes it a safe, comfortable, and secure fit around the face.

Addtional Features


How it Works


Charge the battery

Charge the battery and clean the mask before use. Disinfect the filter and pre-test on your skin.

Wear the mask

Place the mask upwards, and let the silicone bands hang downwards below hand. Adjust the mask to positions of your nose, cheeks and chin. When wearing, 2 fans of the mask will turn on automatically.

Adjust the fan speed

You can adjust the fan speed by pressing the switch button. To tern off, press the switch button for more than 1 second. Or you can just remove the mask directly. The device will automatically stop working.

Replace the filter

Find the buckle of the filter cover and pull out it by hand, then it will automatically pop. Remove the old filter, and take a new one and insert it properly.

Package Include

  • 1 x breeze transparent face mask
  • 30 x pieces of filters
  • 1 x charging USB cable(Micro-USB)
  • 1 x user manual

Frequently Asked Questions


1Have your products passed FDA certification?
Our products are FDA registered.
2Does your product pass CE certification?
Our products are CE approved.
3Are your products medicinal use?
Our products are civilian protective level, not for medical purposes.
4Are your product a disposable product?
Our products can replace the filter element and can be recycled.
5Is it appropriate to replace the filter element of your product every few days?
We recommend replacing the filter element every 2~3 days.
6If the filter element run out, can it be purchased separately? At what price?
Please purchase by clicking the link.
7Can your products be anti-fog?
Our products are equipped with fresh air systems on the left and right sides to accelerate air circulation, which can greatly reduce the generation of fog.
8How long can your product be used for one charge?
Our products have a battery life of 3-5 hours. Our product has 3 wind speed gears, low speed will last for 5 hours; medium speed 4 hours; high speed 3 hours.
9Is your product suitable for people with different face shapes?
Our product currently launched is an adult model, the size is 185 x 105 x 107 mm (7.28" x 4.13" x 4.21"), the user can adjust the straps to seal the face and mask when wearing it to get a better experience.
10Can your products be OEM?
Yes, It could be OEM. But we have MOQ.


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