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6 body vitals monitoring

The remote health monitor measures 6 vital health data, Including oximetry, heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, blood glucose, and ECG features. ( Not all 6 functions can be available in all countries. Blood glucose strips are not included in the package. For more detailed infomation, please contact service@linktop.com)


Accurate and fast measurement

The remote health monitor has passed many global certifications and clinical trials. With built-in high precision sensors and advanced algorithms, users can get accurate results of measurement within a limited time.


Compatibility with IOS and Android system

Easy to track and manage healthy data by app, which is compatible with IOS and Android. End users can download apps via App Store (EU countries), App Store (other countries) or Google Play Store.


SDK Available

We offer SDK to integrate Linktop 6-in-1 health monitor into your platform. Let your users share health data with your service.

Addtional Features


How it Works



Turn on the power of the health monitor, log in to the mobile application, and add the device according to the operation prompts.


After the equipment is added, directly put the health monitor on the relevant body parts.

Share data

Record the examination via app and share the results to the doctor.

Package Include

  • 1x charging cable
  • 1x cuff for testing blood pressure
  • 1x user manual
  • 1x device

Frequently Asked Questions


1Where to download Linktop 6-in-1 Health Monitor Apps?
2How many functions does it have and how it could be used?
It has six functions: Heart rate/Oximetry/Blood temperature/Blood pressure/ECG/Blood Glucose, when you download the APP from the phone, you could see all detected data on your phone. All the data would with medical-grade of measurement accuracy. We would also send out the Instruction which would inform you how to use it.
3What kind of battery do you use and how long does the device battery last before it needs to be recharged?
We use lithium battery technology, The charging time from 0 to 100% is usually 3 to 4 hours, and the battery life is about 500 charges.
4 Does it support IOS/Android system?
Yes, it could support, after signed back of our NDA, we would offer the SDK download link to you.
5Does it support OEM requirements?
If the quantity reaches 5000 pieces, we could agree with the OEM requirement.
6How long the Lead time would be and how long it could send to us?
The LT for our product would be about 6~8 weeks if for a small quantity, we have stock. It usually takes 7~10 days to send Express.
7How does the device support the family mode?
After we offered you SDK, you could have integrated into your APP.
8Could it clean with alcohol of our device, do it would influence the testing effect?
Yes, users could clean the device with the alcohol wipes.


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