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  • linktop 6-in-1 remote health monitor frontLinktop 6-in-1 remote health monitor downside

    6-in-1 Remote Health Monitor

    Smart and portable 6 in 1 remote health monitor to track 6 key health vitals

    Linktop 6-in-1 remote health monitor impresses the market and the audience since it first came to the market, and soon became a top seller in the industry. With 6 key vital measurements, it’s an ideal optimal solution for remote patient monitoring and telehealth.


  • NexRing – Digital Smart Ring

    A health lab wrapped around your finger.

    Monitoring your Sleep, Heart Rate, Activity, and Body Temperature with personalized insights.



  • Linktop digital stethoscopeLinktop digital stethoscope application

    Digital Stethoscope

    Perform a professional heart and lung examination at the comfort of your home

    Linktop digital stethoscope is a well-designed portable and smart stethoscope to operate examinations and share historical data via smartphones.


  • Linktop digital otoscopeLinktop digital otoscope connection

    Digital Otoscope

    Your home doctor for ear examination and protection

    Linktop digital otoscope is a telemedical device for examining ears with HD camera, cold and shadowless LED lights, and smart visual applications.


  • Linktop graphene based cloud thermometerLinktop graphene based cloud thermometer side

    Graphene-Based Cloud Thermometer

    Smart cloud thermometer is babies’ 7*24 hours safeguard

    Linktop graphene based cloud thermometer is a smarter choice for parents to monitor babies’ body temperature via smartphones. Family members can check and share accurate readings and get alerts for irregular results.






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