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Linktop anchors its mission to make life easier and healthier by creating smart telehealth devices. It leverages key resources in Research and Development to produce multi-functional and more advanced medical and telemedicine solutions.

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Accurate Measurement

With built-in high precision sensors and advanced algorithms, users can get accurate results of measurement of Linktop telehealth devices within a limited time.

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Data Collection and Share

All the Linktop medical devices can be used as sensors to collect data which will be able to share with doctors or family members.

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Possible to provide SDK

For telemedicine platforms,
SDK can be provided to connect to integrate to their own systems.

Best sellers

Linktop digital stethoscope APP for home page

Digital Stethoscope

Linktop Digital Stethoscope is a well-designed portable and smart stethoscope to operate examinations and share historical data via smartphones.

– Can be used as a sensor to collect data
– General check-up of heart and lung conditions
– Accurate examination and easy to share data 
– Automatic record and rechargeable battery

Digital Otoscope

Linktop Digital Otoscope is a telemedical device for examining ears with HD camera, cold and shadowless LED lights, and smart visual applications.

– General check-up of ear, teeth, skin and nose conditions
– HD professional camera and shawless LED lamp
– Easy and accurate measurement to relieve users from uploading data manually
– Safe operation while doctors conduct examination using the smart visual application

Linktop digital otoscope APP

Who needs Linktop Telehealth Devices?

Linktop Telemedicine Platform
Telemedicine Platforms

- Can be used as a sensor to collect data
- General check-up with basic condition
- Easy and accurate measurement to relieve users from uploading data manually
- Portable and able to apply in many scenario

Hospitals and Clinics

- Help doctors keep track on patients' health condition even when they're out of hospital
- Save time and release doctors and nurses from conducting examinations
- Improve the accuracy of doctors' diagnosis as more check-up results can be provided

Linktop-remote health monitor-tempreture measurement
Patients and Homecare

- Help patients know their health conditions
- Suitable for all family members as Linktop devices can measure many key vitals
- Save time for patients from going to hospitals and clinics from time to time

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